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sexout mods
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There's 20 different andro raiders in leveled lists that I hand placed around other fiend spawnpoints. It uses the newest sexout calls so don't try to use it if you're on an only NX version or older. Reply to this topic Start new topic. It has limited creature functionality as well. Old images of the times i still played Skyrim.

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Cheyenne will give you a key to the Sin Shed after recruited.

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Installation Guide

Marisol is the only one of the three with a companion wheel. I can only see a benefit from this if creating a custom follower that uses it's own features and maybe some animation to go and unlock a chest or door. Fallout 3: New Vegas Mod Support. However, I use a mod that does that to any follower I have so I never use that perk. Marisol has to be rescued, should have a map marker to find her if you select her quest.

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