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Not sure when or if I'll make it though. Robin Aisaga and bbninjas like this. I was wondering, how do you create art on this style? This card would evolve into a Colorless Flying type Mothim with Energy Costs that would allow it to be used in any deck. I still need to make an Alex's Shining Mothim card as well. Before it vanished mysteriously, it wasn't uncommon to find his stuffed fish "swimming" in his water bowl.

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I know I could use counters to simplify the wording and keep better track of the provided Energy, but I'd rather avoid clutter on the field.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Kangaflora Aspiring Trainer. I was wondering, how do you create art on this style? I think I could make the effect more interesting, but I didn't want it to become too wordy since I think it looks cleaner with fewer lines. You cannot battle Alex more than once per save file. Your username or email: Do you already have an account? This back looks great, Neko - and I reckon we could potentially end up using it for a future faking community project, maybe!

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