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In fact, it's not even explicitly yuri canonically. For both Ushio and Sumika being gay is isolating in the straight society represented both in high school and the wider culture. Oniisama E certainly walks this line to great effect. In doing so, she draws a line between what is real in yuri and what is romantic fantasy. Yoshino, especially, is prone to childish fits of jealousy. This includes the idea that girls' high schools are overrun with lesbians and that lesbian or lesbian-like relationships commonly exist prior to marriage in these schools.

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lesbian sex in anime

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As Yuricon 's Erica Friedman points out, the series deals more with akogare yearning than it does with actual romance. There is a great deal of akogare in this series, and very little outright Yuri, but I'm going to have to weigh in on the yes, Yuri camp. Mistaking Utena for a mysterious new "duelist," he meets her at a special location behind the school where Utena meets Himemiya Anthy, the "Rose Bride," who has the "Power to Revolutionise the World. She specifically says she prefers "cute," "feminine" and "shy" girls. It's painful to watch in many ways, although it never gets to the sort of tropey melodrama of its predecessors, and intentionally so.

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