Master degree adult learning online

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The curriculum is designed to enhance your qualifications in adult education, give you the tools needed to improve adult achievement, and help you understand the learning styles of adults from diverse backgrounds. Ready to get started? Chat with an enrollment counselor or apply now to take the first step on the journey toward your future.

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An educated workforce is often seen as the key to America's future. This includes adult learners as well as traditional students. If you want to make a big contribution to the field of education, you may want to learn how to work with adult students and help them meet their educational goals.

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As an educator of adult learners, you can work with students who are earning their GED, or those who are enrolled in higher education. You may find yourself working in a school, at a university, within a community center, or even at a correctional facility. With a growing population of adult learners in the United States, the demand for compassionate, highly skilled instructors is also skyrocketing.

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Adult education programmes focus on training teachers who can provide instruction to adult students looking to advance their general knowledge, gain credentials or seeking a career change or advancement. Students gain theoretical knowledge, research skills and the ability to apply adult education principles while teaching. They will learn to adapt to the particular needs of adults, and find out how to motivate adults to share their professional experiences and help them learn through discussions, collaboration and practical activities. Future adult education teachers will also learn how to effectively make use of online learning mediums e-learningtypically used in flexible adult education classes.

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Our workforce is constantly changing, and many people, both young and older adults, need training in technical and career subjects that will help them find jobs in the new economy. If you want to provide education that helps people join the workforce, get on their feet, continue their lives, and support their families, getting an online master's in adult education can give you the edge to be a very effective teacher. Learning about how people learn, techniques to produce results, and curriculum organization will help any aspiring adult or career educator to train our workforce for today and tomorrow.

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An online Master's in Adult Education is the first step that educators must take in order to be able to teach adults who are either earning their GED or moving into higher education through an online format. With more than 39 million Americans that have dropped out of high school and many more Americans deciding on continuing their education as adults, the need for specially trained adult educators has risen. And one of the best ways to earn a degree in this field is online.

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Andragogy — or the art of teaching adults — is a relatively new word, largely because education was undifferentiated: for children, different learning styles, and adults. Today the pursuit of lifelong learning and catering to non-traditional learners is huge, both in the classroom and the workplace. There are some great online courses available now that help you to unpack the best methodologies for presenting to diverse adult minds.

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What is a Master in Adult Education? This program typically covers the large field of educating adults at all levels. Assessment of learning environments and institutions with the goal of improving them is often a component of this program. Among the most valuable benefits of this program is the development of critical thinking skills in all areas of life.

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GRE scores not required Prepare for teaching credential. The program can be completed in a little over two years with the completion of two internships. No GRE Required.

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Go to programs search. Instructors in required courses are drawn from these four universities, so students benefit from a truly international instructional staff. This program is for those seeking multiple, critical perspectives on the central role adult learning plays as individuals and communities engage with the positive and negative effects of globalization. Students proceed through the two-year, credit M.


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