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The time was mids in the rural south. Jim was a corporate controller for a New York company visiting a manufacturing plant in Georgia. A freshly minted MBA, at 28 years old he was ready to take on the world.

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Fun, almost. Jill Valentine had made it into the back yard area of the Spencer Mansion. After that, things seemed to grow relatively quiet.

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Jen was seventeen years old, with long light brown hair falling to the small of her back. Her Asian background showed in her sexy body, her breasts considerably big for her small, lithe form. She was a lot like her mother, and her older sister, Sandra, who was also similar looking.

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The snake is small enough to fit in the gap between my big and second toes. It moves up my foot, draping slightly down along the inner arch. Up over my ankle bone and diagonally across my shin, the snake feels like a smooth rope being dragged across my skin by a lover.

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Are we never to go up to the hills? The other five women lying in the shallow pool of water were all of the same opinion. The searing Punjabi sun beating down on the wooden roof above their heads was far too hot for comfort, especially when the baking summer winds blew in from the arid plains which surrounded Gazepore.

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Kelso When Patty first saw the huge snake she couldn't believe it, what was a green anaconda doing in Florida, of all places?? And he was huge, easily feet long! She had been talking a walk; alone as usual, in the local version of a wildlife park bordering the everglade bayous, and had seen the huge reptile as he slithered through some sparse undercover.

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See More by ThereWereMonsters. I smiled at the trim figure of the brunette as I closed the door to the room behind me with a soft click. Tasha turned to me and returned the smile as she walked up to me and looped her arms over my shoulders. I put my arms around her and stepped into her, toppling us over onto the bed with a bounce.


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