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In his research, Moniruzzaman collected more than 1, classifieds in popular newspapers, like the ones shown below, asking for organs and making impossible offers such as citizenship in a foreign country. Photos by Monir Moniruzzaman. For one, Moniruzzaman suggests there needs to be a more extensive cadaver-donation program. The other option is asking a family member or a friend to donate a piece of their being, knowingly taking on medical risks but with full and honest cooperation. We want to hear what you think about this article.

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Because there is a supply of organs, the rich recipients do not even ask their family members for donations.

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Newspaper advertisements for kidney donors Moniruzzaman collected during his fieldwork. But the real picture is grim. But cultural taboos about body mutilation present a roadblock: If people feel bound to keep their organs intact into the afterlife, cadaver donation is not an option. The solutions to the exploitation aren't clear or easy. On the left translation : Kidney Wanted -- A kidney is needed for a seriously ill patient. The organ brokers tack on extra fees for travel and other logistics, and the sellers make sometimes only half the initial amount -- and even then only after the surgery is completed. Why are the state officials not taking a stand and intervening?

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