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erotical night guide
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Now, head back to the port town and walk to the intersection with the sign and go to the other path. Buy some new pants, as well as the anal dildo if you have cash to spare. Once you exit the desert, you should arrive at the third teleport point. Remove her bra, use as many Charm items as possible, then use Touch Breast Hard. To win the fight, all you need to do is use an Insert move, and the battle will automatically end.

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There's a special item you can find here called the Thunder Staff that opens the way to Teleport Point 8 the little island with the broken bridge you may have noticed early in the game.

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It should make it a lot easier. Some of the chests are hidden from your view, so walk around and mash Space again You should eventually find a BELL item. Keep walking around in the forest and hammer Spacebar like mad. If you're short on money, and can't afford the stars, fight the girls and check the houses for stars. Keep using it over and over to clear it. There are a few chests around, so feel free to open them if you like, but there's nothing fantastic in them.

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