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She was buried at the Basilia of Saint-Denis in Paris until the royal tombs were scaveged during the French Revolution on October 17th, I will change the way of organizing my posts in the coming weeks. Her home was redecorated with many frecoes showing Austrian cities to keep her from getting homesick. Like other members of the House of Wittelsbach , Alexandra suffered from mental health issues too. While her marriage was definitely not a success, Sophie was not hiding from the public or neglecting her queenly duties.

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After that Katharina and Martin decided to marry one another.

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Post Tenebras, Lux .

So I will go through my old posts in the coming weeks and try to make them fit the new pattern. The marriage resulted in twelve children. Four of their sons survived into adulthood and two of them became emperors, Franz Joseph of Austria and Maximilian of Mexico. Although Ottilie was only 16 at the time, she quickly managed to fill her role as the wife of a young industrialist. When in , she once again had to flee, she broke her hips because her carriage broke down shortly before the destination Torgau.

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